best automatic broken link checker for 2018

broken links
Broken links go a long way to affect a site SEO. Search engines see links as the  vehicle  to a website content. links that exist within your website can affect the way your site appears in search engine results. Because of this, it is a good practice to always check and update broken links.
There are two free tools that will help you check for  broken link on a webpage.
  • Automatic Backlink checker: this is  one of the best broken link checker around the web.

This tool is a google  chrome browser extension which helps a blogger to analyze the quality of the links on a webpage. It also check if there is a NoFollow  or DoFollow link on a webpage.

this extension highlights the broken links for quick identification.

Click to download from webstore

  • The Post SEO Score Checker: This is  a wordpress plugin that help to scan a post for an error and score a post according to SEO . this plugin has a premium version but the free version just do the job. It checks for broken links in the post before it is published. Click to download




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