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hi never underestimate the influence of push notification in your blog

Getting emails from a first timer to your blog is sometimes very difficult, your chances of getting their email address will be double if the reason why they visited your blog is achieve.

The question now is how will a blogger send notifications to a visitors without asking for their email address: this is where push notification comes in. I know by  now  deep down  your heart these questions are running.

push notification

What Are Web Push Notifications?

How push notification works?

Why should I use push notifications in my blog?

Who offers push notification services?

Is it free?

The above questions will be answer if only you follow me closely. Now take a deep breath and relax.

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are clickable rich content messages sent to a visitor’s device by a blog. Push notifications are delivered to blog visitor’s mobile device or desktop, even when their browser is closed.
These notifications can only be sent to visitor’s who have subscribed to these notifications from your blog.

Why should I use push notification?

There are too numerous advantage of using push notification in your blog. below are some.

  • They are use to send welcome messages to a visitor once they arrive your blog
  • They are use to target selected audience e.g those visitors using chrome as their browser
  • Push notification send messages quickly
  • Push notification is use to promote affiliating links.

Who offer push notification service

There many companies that provide this service but most of them are paid service, but do not worry I know of one that is free. is the best when it comes to push notification service. To use the tool visit their  website and register if you are a new user.

How to configure the plugin?

After a successful registration, login to your wordpress dashboard, go to plugin to install the onesignal push plugin and activate it.


Just check the corner of the dashboard you will see an icon with the description onesignal push, click on it and follow the instructions. For more information on how to properly configure it visit their official website at

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