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How to install Themes in wordpress

After  installing wordpress the next thing is to install a theme. A theme  are  group of files that give structure to a blog or website.

There are many themes available in wordpress some are free why some are paid themes.

A s a beginner, setting up a theme will not be easy that is why i  am writing this article on how to install a theme.

Before installing a theme, it is good you look out for the functionalities of the theme to make sure it meets your needs . Always remember that when you add a new themes the design of your blog or website will change.

Now lets see how to install a theme. In this article we will be looking at the three method  use to install a theme in wordpress

From the admin area

By uploading from the admin area

By uploading to the server directly

From the Admin area

To install theme from the admin area, visit Appearance » Themes,  then the list of installed themes will show just click on ADD NEW.

theme upload

It will load feature themes from the wordpress theme directory.

Type in the name of the theme you want to install at the search button in the right corner of the admin area.

theme search

After installing your desired theme, you will prompted to activate or preview the theme. Just click on activate.

Installing  themes by uploading

Themes can be install by uploading it from the admin area.Just download the theme you love on your computer and login to your wordpress admin area  visit Appearance » Themes .click on add new then click on the browse button to locate the theme in your computer then upload it .

theme upload

Upload to the admin directly

This method is for those with some knowledge of theme development . for this tutorial, we will be uploading a theme called revenue.

After downloading  the theme from the wordpress theme directory, the downloaded theme will be in a zip format. Create a folder in your computer to extract the theme to the folder create by you.

Open wordpress folder from the server side. Visit wp-content» Themes and create a folder with the name revenue.

Now go back to the folder you extracted the theme to before to Copy all the files in the theme folder by pressing ctrl+ A and press ctrl+c .

Then go to the theme folder in the server side and click on the  folder you just created, Paste all the copied files in it by pressing ctrl+ p . now go to the theme directory in wordpress admin area to see the list of themes.

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