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How to add facebook fan page to a blog in blogspot

As a beginner, adding your facebook fan page to your blog on blogspot might be difficult because we always receive mails from our readers on how they can add your facebook fan page to their blog on blogspot.

Today i will be showing you how to easily embed your facebook fan page to your blog on for more information on how to create a free blog with blogspot  click here

This tutorial will be broken down into different steps for easy understanding. Before moving to step one , make sure that you have created your facebook fan page and you have set username for your fan page.


Visit with your browser and locate the column that was created for you to enter your facebook fan page username in this format Please replace the username with your own facebook fan page username.

facebook fan page username

Note that you are to leave the tabs empty to avoid your timeline post using on your blog. if your facebook fan page username is correct, it will display information about the page.


empty timeline


Now click on the get code button to to reveal the code.

copy facebook fan page code


Open another tab in your computer to visit your blogspot blog and login.

At the admin dashboard, click on layout at the left corner of the admin dashboard.

locate where you will like to display the facebook fan page. Normally it is advisable to have it display in the sidebar of your blog. now locate the sidebar and click on Add Gadget


click on the HTML/JavaScriptAdd  Gadget to add it to the sidebar.


At the title column, write what ever you think will attract your blog visitors.

Visit the opened tab to copy and paste the first code in the content column  of the  HTML/JavaScriptAdd    Gadget. do the same for the second code and save.


Reload your browser to see your facebook fan page displaying in your blog


CONCLUSION: You can add other customization to it base on how you want it. Thank you for reading this article please if you tried it let us known by  using the comment box. .


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