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How to Add and Use Widgets in WordPress

Beginners normally ask us  how to add and use the widgets in wordpress sidebar.

Before i go further, i will make known to you the meaning of widgets in wordpress,widgets are use to add more functionality to wordpress sidebar without you being  a programmer or a wordpress guru.

In this article i will show you how to add widgets to wordpress sidebar.

What are Widgets? Why You Need to Use Widgets in WordPress?

Widgets are functionality you can place on a wordpress sidebar.For beginners, this is an easy way to add things like facebook fan page, galleries,recent post, recent comment and alot of other dynamic items to the sidebar.

Widgets can be found on Appearance » Widgets page in your wordpress admin area.

wordpress widgets

Adding widgets to a sidebar in wordpress

Now lets go to the main aim of this article, there are many ways to add widgets to wordpress sidebar, the easiest way is the drag and drop method.

To add a widgets to a  wordpress sidebar , just click and drag  the widget   you want to add to the sidebar which is always located at the right side , then drop it at the sidebar area at the left.

Another way to add widgets to a sidebar in wordpress is to click on title of  the available widget. then a list of sidebar where you can place the widget will be display in a drop down menu.

Select the area you want to add the widget in the sidebar and click on the add widget button


We can also add widgets to the sidebar from the customize  area but this depends much on the theme you are using. This is done in live preview by visiting Appearance » Customize.

customize widget

Click on the add a widget button to select the widget you want to add to the sidebar.

How to remove widgets from wordpress sidebar

Removing a widget from wordpress sidebar is as easy as adding them. just Visit the Appearance » Widgets page to select the widget you want to remove from the sidebar and click the delete button.

The easiest way to remove a widget from wordpress sidebar is to simply drag the widget out  of the sidebar.

conclusion: The function of a widget can not be explain in one article, the more plugins you add to your blog the more widget you will be having. If you want to know more about plugins click here

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