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How to create and use categories in wordpress

As a beginner knowing how to use categories in wordpress can be hard and time consuming.

In this article i will be revealing the secret on how to use categories in wordpress .

this article is broken down into the following.

  • how to use categories in wordpress
  • how to create category in wordpress
  • how to add categories to the menu option in wordpress.

Why you should  use categories

categories in wordpress helps  to classify a blog content.

in  our normal day life, we group object according to some similarities that exist among them.

For those of us that did biology in school we must have heard of the word taxonomy  as it is use to classify living things, so taxonomy in wordpress is known as categories.

Now back to the reason for this article, categories is of  great benefit to your blog in many ways. below are some benefits of using categories in wordpress.

Benefits of  using Categories

  • categories helps to structure a blog content
  • categories help search engine to index your blog
  • categories help search engine to rank your blog according to special keywords.
  • categories provide easy navigation to your blog visitors.

How to create categories in wordpress

to create a category in wordpress,visit posts>>categories to add a new category from wordpress admin dashboard.

add category

After filling the boxes provided, click on add category.

How to add a post to a category

Remember at the beginning i said  that categories are used to structure contents in a blog. the  post  in a blog is what we referred to as content. lets see how we can group posts to a particular category

create a new post in the admin dashboard by visiting post>>add new 

this will display wordpress text editor, at the right corner you will see the list of all categories you created,  just tick the one you will like the post to be grouped under

add post to a categories

Note: from the text editor you can also add a new category by clicking the Add New Category button.

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How to add a category to the navigation menu in wordpress

Menu in a blog  or website helps a blog visitor to navigate through the content in a blog easily.

To add a category to  a navigation menu , visit Appearance>>menus at the left corner of the admin dashboard

At the left corner, click on the categories button , to show the list of categories available in the blog.

Tick on the one you want to add to the selected menu and click on add to menu at the bottom.

select category to add to the menu


Remember to save after you add the category to the menu for it to appear.

select category

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