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Stop using AddThis plugin to send free traffic to others

Adding a social network share button like AddThis share tool to a blog helps to improve user engagement with the content on  a blog or website , as this helps in driving traffic to a blog , hence generating lead.

There are many social network plugin available in wordpress directory, but we at uses the AddThis floating social sharing button to engage our blog visitors.

Apart from the sharing tool, AddThis plugin has many other tools that performs different function. below are some functions of AddThis plugin.

  • it is use to add a  social network follow button on the sidebar of a blog or website.
  • it is use to show the analytics of your blog or website. This can be view in the AddThis dashboard.
  • it is use to display recommended post to a visitor .

When i visit some blogs, i always see a plus button at the end of a floating AddThis social tool asking me to AddThis,

addthis plus

Did you know that the plus button if click by your blog visitor can  send traffic to other website for free? forcing your visitor to abandon your blog or website for another.

If you have this kind of problem do not worry i am here for you.

To configure the AddThs social sharing plugin, login the the admin dashboard to locate the AddThis Icon at the left corner and  click on it.


For instruction on how to install a plugin check the link below.

how to Install A Plugin In The Next 60 Seconds


click on the floating share tool to configure it properly.

Then click on my tools if you have configure the tool before or if not click on the add new tool to get started.


just click on the share tool then it will show you the setting page.

under social networks click on select my own instead of the default Automatic (recommended).

Add the social network icon that you want to be displaying in your blog and click save and continue.


Wow congratulations, you just saved your blog or website  from a great disaster.


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