blog inches

3 blog niche that will send you to the bank in 2018

today i am going to show you 3 blog niche that will send  you to the bank in 2018. starting  a blog is  one thing, choosing the right inches is another thing….

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Never start a blog without these plugins

plugins adds functionality to a new  blog or website by providing it with the necessary functions. there are different type of plugins available in the wordpress directory, some are free…

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popular post

How to display popular posts in a blog sidebar

The wordpress sidebar can be use to display popular post  that catches the eyes of a blog visitor. it can be use to display a blog popular blog posts, a…

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related post

How to display related post in wordpress

Displaying related post in wordpress helps to keep visitors on your blog, thereby increasing pageview and this go a long way to get your account approve on time by google…

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how to add categories in wordpress

How to create and use categories in wordpress

As a beginner knowing how to use categories in wordpress can be hard and time consuming. In this article i will be revealing the secret on how to use categories…

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How to install Themes in wordpress

After  installing wordpress the next thing is to install a theme. A theme  are  group of files that give structure to a blog or website. There are many themes available…

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