how to speedup your blog

How to speedup a wordpress website

The speed of a blog or website is is one  thing that can never be taken with levity as this go a long way to affect a blog Seo. There…

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random post

How to Display Random Posts in WordPress

If you have been running your blog for a long time,displaying random post in wordpress sidebar helps to keep users engaged. In this article we will be teaching you how…

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How to create a custom template in wordpress

Whether you run a blog or a website, having a custom template its a good practice. Most people love to showcase their best post and coupons instead of showing the…

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forcing us

Stop using AddThis plugin to send free traffic to others

Adding a social network share button like AddThis share tool to a blog helps to improve user engagement with the content on  a blog or website , as this helps…

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broken links

best automatic broken link checker for 2018

Broken links go a long way to affect a site SEO. Search engines see links as the  vehicle  to a website content. links that exist within your website can affect the…

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