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How to drive traffic to your new website in Nigeria


Getting a blog up and running with much traffic takes  time.The joy of a blogger is to see his/her new blog been visited by thousands of users all over the world. To learn how to build a blog for free with wordpress click here.

drive traffic to your blog

Now let’s go to the main question why I am writing this post wish is how to drive traffic to your new blog.

There many ways to drive traffic to a new blog with little or no budget, in this article I will be revealing ways a new blog can get a quality traffic.

By Write quality content and update your blog regularly.

This is the most important part of this article, writing a good content do not only drive traffic to your blog, it also make users to be engaged, therefore making them to spend much time on your blog. For example a user will spend time reading your blog post if he/she find the information they were there for, the user is willing to spend more time moving from one page to another is the content are of important to them .this can also  make them to visit your blog in another day .

by Knowing  your audience

The best way to drive traffic to your new blog is to known your audience, this aspect is also important. Targeting the wrong people can lead to low turnout of visitors to your blog, it is therefore advisable you target the right person’s according to your inche.

Comment on a friends Blog in the same inche as you

Commenting on blogs in the same niche as you can be an effective way of traffic generation, after all, readers from those blogs may be interested in you due to the relevancy. I suggest you leaving some attractive and meaningful comments in your friend’s blog, with links back to your sites. Once readers like what you have said, they may click on your link to know more about your blog. This process will surely increase the readership of your blog, hence your blog traffic.

There is a special note that never put spam comments like “I like it”, “good post”, “it is helpful” etc, because these types of comments are meaningless and cannot attract readers. The comments you have left should be relevant to the post, and are able to deliver some sort of value.

Always monitor comments in your blog

A large number of comments under each post means you have many loyal followers interested in your blog, and the new visitors are more likely to follow you when they see so many people comment on your posts. There are various ways to encourage more comments, and I recommend you using a commentator plugin which allows you to generate as many comments as you want.
Once your readers have commented in your post, don’t forget  to reply them as soon as possible, for this can show your readers that you value their opinions, hence increase loyalty.

Use the power of Social Networking

Following the increase in the usage of social media,  over 2billion user access different social media on a daily basis e.g  facebook, twitter, Instagram e.t.c .

Many bloggers are using these medium to drive traffic to their new website,with an active facebook page, readers can tweet, like, and share  your blog posts if they like your content, thus invite many potential visitors to your blog.  Also learn how to share your blog post in some groups , this can also push some amount of traffic to your blog.

If you have some amount of money you can run some advert on social media e.g facebook  targeting the right audience, this can increase the traffic to your blog.

You can run some advert once in a week. For details on how to run advert on facebook click here.

 Use Trackbacks

Trackbacks is a link back method which is designed to send notification of updates between two websites via a Trackback Ping. If you have left a trackback on your friend’s blog, then this blog will include a link back to your blog in the comment section. Thus people will have the chance to visit your blog.

Article Marketing

You can market your blog posts by submitting them to powerful article directories with collections of articles written about the subjects of your content. This practice is a long venture and will not bring massive traffic at once, but has been proven over and over again to work like a great traffic generator.

Remember Search Engine Optimization

Optimizating your blog for SEO is a good practice every blogger must do. Search engines is known to drive organic traffic to a blog, when a user typed in a search term, if your blog has the content, the user will be directed to your blog by search engine. This makes your blog to rank high. Including relevant keywords can grab search engines’ attention, but never overload your posts with too many keywords as this may annoy your readers.

to learn how to do seo for your blog contact me on facebook at facebook page

Simple and cool  blog design

The design of your blog site is an essential factor to determine the number of your blog readers, but many people just ignore this aspect. Generally, people will leave your site before carefully reading your content, if the overall design is boring and chaotic. In fact, the easiest way to have a unique and stylish design is utilizing beautiful blogging theme.

lastly as a blogger you can also get some trafiic by telling your friends to tell their friends to like your page on facebook that way you can get more page like and that can also increase the number of friends that visit your blog

I hope with these tips, driving traffic to your new blog will be as easy as loading a recharge card, please do me a favour by sharing this post with your friends and also like my page on facebook by clicking the link below.

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