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3 blog niche that will send you to the bank in 2018

today i am going to show you 3 blog niche that will send  you to the bank in 2018.

starting  a blog is  one thing, choosing the right inches is another thing. before i go further , i will like to tell you the meaning of a blog  niche.

A blog niche is the area your blog will be focusing on. in other words,it is what your blog post will be about.

Before you start a blog, you must first choose the niche your blog will be about.there are many blog niche you can choose from, below are some:

  1. music blog niche
  2. fashion blog niche
  3. travel blog  niche
  4. tutorials  blog niche
  5. education blog  niche
  6. latest news blog niche


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Now below are the 3 blog niche you can start in 2018 and see yourself always smiling to the bank.


this type of blog show a beginner facts about the subject of their interest. it gives lectures on a specific subject. A tutorial blog is a very good blog inches to start because google adsense is approved easily because the contents are unique.


this blog niche gives information on the trending fashion style around the world.

In this  type of blog, getting  blog  visitor  is easy, provided you always give the visitors what interest them.


this is the  most common blog nichein every country. this type of blog post the latest news around the world, be it political news, entertainment news, fashion news, gossip etc

note: this type of blog nichecan get google adsense approve easily if only you have money to do some social network promotion.


hi never underestimate the influence of push notification in your blog

CONCLUSION:with all this blog niche i have listed , hope choosing the right inches will not be a problem again:

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